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Sounds obvious, but I use the Dropbox app quite a bit, background syncing aside. I liked the new interface Dropbox designed for the OS X beta client, but the company decided not to ship it.

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My task manager of choice. One thing not so many people know about is the Transmit Disk functionality, which gives you a menubar shortcut to mount remote locations in the Finder. Still my RSS client of choice. Still, one of my favorite features remains the simple S shortcut to mark a post as starred.

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Day One: More than a productivity tool, Day One is a personal experience. You can read more in my review of the iOS app , which works exactly like the Mac client. If I had to pick only five apps to install on my Mac, Hazel would be one of them. I started using it last year for some lightweight automation on my MacBook Air.

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A few months later, when I got a mini on Macminicolo , I discovered the full potential of Hazel as a background utility that runs actions for you. Our Hazel tag on MacStories is a good way to get an idea of what this app is capable of. Keyboard Maestro: Same story as Hazel. I use Keyboard Maestro on a daily basis to expand text snippets, combine screenshots, write in Markdown, share links with my team , and more.

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Take Five: Still the best way to quickly pause and resume music from Rdio. The other app that falls under the Maybe list is Airfoil , but mainly because I still have to find an external speaker that both my girlfriend and I like. I see a new speaker on the horizon read: Check out my review here. With a single hotkey, you can switch from Apple Mode to Function Mode — useful for those apps that use F keys in their menus, such as Sublime Text. Bartender is a menubar app to contain other menubar apps. Bartender is perfect for that kind of scenario.

Bartender has lots of options, supports Mountain Lion, and even system icons like Spotlight and Notification Center. I like Fantastical for two reasons: Ridiculously awesome. The best Twitter client for Mac. Sublime Text 2: But if I had to pick only one, I would say: Trust me on this one.

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I personally recommend AirServer if you plan on mirroring multiple iOS devices simultaneously through AirPlay, but for single-user sessions, I prefer Reflection. I write articles in Markdown, and eventually that plain text has to become valid HTML for this website. My teammates have been using ImageOptim for years now, but for some reason I had always ignored the app. Earlier this year, when Cody linked to a post detailing the benefits of running ImageOptim — an image optimizer — without losing the quality of images at all, I decided it was time to try it.

Basically, ImageOptim works like magic, cutting down the size of images without making them look worse.

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With the help of our Graham Spencer , we've visualized my setup over the years using different criteria. Here's a timeline of the apps I've used since I like to look at data before drawing conclusions. Still, I think it represents a segment worth considering: In , I expect my setup to be even more divided between Mac-exclusive software that automates and speeds up my workflow, and apps that work in conjunction with iOS versions.

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Club MacStories offers exclusive access to extra MacStories content , delivered every week; it's also a way to support us directly. Happy Endings. Fashion by DK Publishing. Sesame Street. Two completely different apps! Thanks, but no thanks. Day One FTW! Over the past year, the Mac App Store was packed with impressive new apps and games. Some were dazzling debuts, while others were existing apps updated to leverage new features in OS X Mountain Lion or to take advantage of the Retina display of the new MacBook Pro.

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