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All of the necessary software is located on the device and mounts automatically when connected, like an optical drive. The software will try to identify your keyboard by asking you to type a certain key. There are other screen sharing software packages around, but I doubt any are as easy to setup and use as the JUC No network or installation discs are required; you just have one simple-looking cable that does some sophisticated sharing.

Recommended for IT professionals or anyone that has to share files and folders between computers. So far I've yet to see a system without some lag that happens and gives away there is some software trickery going on. The problem as I see it. I replied to this but it seems to have gone straight to oblivion so I'll reply again: I assumed there'd always be a slight lag, which I'm fine with.

But I can't tolerate it when it has a delay of a second.

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Both machines are on the same network and as I mentioned before, we're paying for mb, and we get at least 30 at one time. There's no excuses for that. I tried installing an older version of Synergy back when it was free, but I couldn't figure out how to set it up.

Perhaps I'll have to look into it more and if it's decent, I might buy the newer version if it has enough features that are useful. Thanks for replying guys. I worry you are trying this over an internet connection? That LAN way back when was only 10 megabit but now at megabit seems very nice. I'm a bit concerned that you are trying this over your internet connection since we don't pay for our LAN here.

Well, we did pay but only once for the router or switched hub, cables, etc.

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Alright, so you'd recommend doing this over LAN. I wouldn't know how to do this. Any suggestions on where I can research this? I'm not very good with computers.

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I just write music on them and when they go wrong, I stop making music for months. We have the web of course and community colleges. But once in a while a new to this person thinks this can be condensed in replies in the small text boxes we use on forums.

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Nope, it takes effort on everyone's part and time. While I may be able to fix a few things for others here, the long term learning is best over time and at classes or just taking web seminars. I'm a bit confused about the months long issue. Don't you have folk that do tech support for you? It used to be donation-ware, now they've apparently changed it to a paid download with a hidden free download page. Yes and no. And by that, I don't just mean pairing it the first time, but you must re-connect it to the computer you want to use it on each time you switch machines.

The best solution is to use something like Synergy, as described above.

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It's a software KVM that lets you switch between computers. Be warned that depending many factors, your experience could be choppy. Using this Logitech keyboard and an old MX Revolution mouse for both. The older MX Revolution doesn' work with the current crop of unifying receivers. Amiga Classic wrote: It depends on what you're trying to do with the Mac, and what you're trying to do with the PC. If you're not looking to game or watch movies or whatever, some kind of remote desktop thing generally works really well, and is free. Korpo wrote: Teamviewer is my goto if Remote Desktop RDP doesn't apply, and an excellent suggestion about remote desktop.

Didn't even think about it until now.