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Outlook — The one email, calendar, contacts and tasks application to rule them all, Outlook continues to impress, though like Excel it hasn't been blessed with many upgrades in recent years. Still, it's guaranteed to do a fine job of managing your emails across multiple accounts, and now features a new Focused inbox for your most important messages only.

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Access — Microsoft's venerable database application is still available to you when you pick up an Office purchase, should you have a need for it, and the app remains as solid and dependable as ever. New in this version are some improved chart types, support for a handful of new data types, and accessibility upgrades as well, but nothing major.

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Note that Microsoft hasn't included OneNote in the Office package, though you can choose to install the version if you want to. Instead, Microsoft is pushing users towards the Windows 10 OneNote app universally available to everyone , which should be enough to take care of all your note-taking needs.

Office doesn't come with a wealth of new features compared with its predecessor, or anything that's necessarily going to change the game in terms of your productivity, but it does include a few upgrades that are worth highlighting.

Microsoft Office 12222 for Mac brings loads of new features

As we mentioned above, Outlook's new Focused inbox attempts to identify the emails that are most important to you, and pushes the rest into the background though you need a Microsoft Exchange account to use it. There's also support for having your messages read out loud, and better time zone support in the calendar component.

In Word, you've got improved translation, text-to-speech, and text spacing options, as well as better support for stylus pens and digital scribbles within your documents.

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Also new is a Focus mode that strips away the surrounding distractions when you need to just read through something on-screen like the reading mode in most browsers. Over in Excel, you've got similar improvements to the inking capabilities, as well as a smattering of new functions and new chart types to get your teeth into. You can also now drop 3D models into your spreadsheets and view them from all angles. Various other tweaks and enhancements to features like PivotTables are included too. Also as mentioned above, PowerPoint gets an impressive new Morph transition, and better support for digital inking as with Word and Excel.

The 3D model support we've already referred to is included in PowerPoint as well, and you can now export a slideshow as a 4K video, should you find that a better option for sharing your work with others. There's no doubt about it, Microsoft would prefer to take your money every month rather than just a one-off payment with no follow-up. With that in mind, it's keeping a number of features as Office exclusives, so you should be aware of what you're missing out on before you make a decision on which Office version to go for.

Office won't receive any feature improvements over time, apart from security fixes and bug-squashing updates. Office , meanwhile, gets new features regularly — all of the new stuff in Office is already available to Office users. To get better features in Office , you'll need to upgrade to the next one-off Office purchase, if Microsoft decides to release another one.

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Another key feature exclusive to Office is OneDrive — that means cloud storage for all your users, simple syncing across multiple machines, and real-time collaboration on documents. There are plenty of benefits to OneDrive if you're working as a team, including basic online versions of the Office apps. You can get some of these OneDrive features by using the free, consumer version of OneDrive available to everyone — but that requires combining business and personal accounts, and you only get 15GB of storage for free. As cloud-based computing becomes more important, OneDrive integration is one of the key reasons why you might want to jump to Office Those Office fees cover application installations across five computers, too.

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The changes Microsoft has made to the applications within have been made much easier and user-friendly. So, when you are using your roaming pencil case and ribbon customization features, you have the flexibility that is needed to perform a variety of different functionalities. For instance, you can use the roaming pencil to start creating multiple shapes and designs. Like the stylus on a touchscreen, you can create the shapes that you have in your head with a lot more ease. Because of the roaming pencil feature, the capabilities that you need to complete the task or project that you are working on can be done seamlessly when you are moving from Word to Excel.

For instance, if you are making any changes in Excel, you will have the same pencil case following you around from one app to the next so that you can also reduce the time that it takes to create your innovative and unique displays. If you want to find out more about how to you roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations effectively, you can find tutorials on this topic that will walk you through the entire process. You can find this information on the site.

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The information that you need to reduce the learning curve is also available in written form so that you can have access to this information in more than one format. The new features can be used for a number of different reasons and purposes. So, when you want to make changes to your current processes, you can begin to incorporate these new features into your workflow.

For instance, if you do a lot of reports and analysis to support your business operations, you need to review the updates that have been made to Excel These new enhancements will give the mac user the capability of creating new charts that can be used for professional presentations. Also, there is a new enhancement that involves the use of new formulas, and they are available in PowerPivot. Since these types of software projects can be challenging to complete, individuals and business owners will often value anything that they can get to do an exceptional job with their creations.

Therefore, with this in mind, the new release that comes along with the Mac version of Windows enhancements includes model support for the users who need it. Another enhancement that Windows has added for Mac User is the focus mode. The focus mode is a very useful feature for those of you who want to see your documents up close without any interference from other types of data, menus, toolbars and etc.

The user can use this feature to view the documents that they want to see and they can also make modifications in focus too.