Mac make alias error code 8060

The options on the dialog box will be as: Erase folder which does not work. Opt Fix alias. It again raises a new window with an option to select a folder or file with incorrect alias.

[fix]-error code -

Choose the problematic file here and delete it. Finally close the dialog by choosing Cancel option.

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Restart the machine for the action to have effects. World's No 1 Animated self learning Website with Informative tutorials explaining the code and the choices behind it all. Unable to change date format in Excel. Page content loaded. Apr 20, 7: In those circumstances it usually means you have an Alias file that can't find its original source file.

Error code -8060, can't access files that were once there

Apr 20, Click the 'List View' icon, then the 'Kind' column. Go through the aliases one by one using the contextual Menu's right click "Show Original" item.

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May 1, I was having a similar problem but when I navigate to the folder I want the Alias to point to it won't let me choose it, that's when I get error code ; thoughts? May 18, 9: Aug 5, I'm having the same problem with an alias file, not folder that is showing up after the original file was deleted. I did get a help box to Delete alias, or Change alias.

How To Fix Apple Mac Error Code 8060?

Since delete alias did not function, I tried doing a change alias to associate it with a throwaway file. I then got error code , and had to force quit finder. This is with Lion. May 7, 1: May 11, 8: May 28, 3: WHat i did was to make an alias of the named directory.

Watch the video to fix Mac Error Code 8060

If you have deleted it, create it somewhere then create an alias. Sep 24, 7: I was able to get as far as the "delete alias", or "fix alias", and after that I would get error Tried creating duplicate and another alias and dragging it into sidebar etc, nothing worked.

One Stop Solution for Mac Data Recovery

We all tried to drag the bad alias away and drop it; no avail. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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