Transfer minecraft save files mac

Step One: Step Two: This could be accomplished by restarting your Mac, but a much easier option is to type another command into the terminal — one that restarts the Finder in only a few seconds remember to press enter to execute the command: Step Three: Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

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Tutorials/Saved data Dropbox guide saves only

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It is advised that you make a backup before you perform any actions in this folder. You can back up your files by copying them and storing them in another folder or on a USB drive. Start by finding your saves folder. You can find all Minecraft folders, including the saves folder, by going in to the game launcher: Open the Minecraft launcher and log in.

Transferring Minecraft: Java Edition to another computer

Click "Launch options", and then click the launcher configuration you are running the default is "Latest release". Locate the "Game directory" selection, and click the little green arrow to the right of it.