How to view apps on mac

The Windows Start menu has a dynamic component that can rearrange the order of applications, promote them to the Start menu's first page, or kick them off the first page. This dynamic movement of programs is the chief reason for needing the ability to pin a program in place.

The Mac's Dock doesn't have a frequently used component. The closest Mac equivalent is the Recent Items list. The Recent Items list resides under the Apple menu and dynamically lists the applications, documents, and servers you have used, opened, or connected to recently. This list is updated every time you launch an application, peruse a document, or connect to a server. It is not a list of frequently used items, but recently used items, a subtle but not unimportant distinction.

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To view the Recent Items list, click the Apple menu the Apple icon in the top left corner of the display , and select Recent Items. The Recent Items menu will expand to reveal all recently used applications, documents, and servers. Select the item you wish to access from the list. The Windows Start menu includes an All apps menu All Programs in older versions of Windows that can display all of the applications installed on your Windows PC in a list.

Launchpad is the closest equivalent on the Mac. Launchpad is based on the popular application launcher used in iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. When you use it, Launchpad replaces the Desktop with an overlay of large icons for each application installed on your Mac. Launchpad can display multiple pages of applications, which you can then drag the application icons around, put them in folders, or otherwise rearrange them however you like.

Open and close Launchpad

Clicking on one of the application icons will launch the associated program. You'll find Launchpad located in the Dock, most likely as the second icon from the left. We say "most likely" because you may have already tinkered with the Dock after reading the above information.

How to View iPhone Apps on a Mac |

Don't worry if you deleted the Launchpad icon from the Dock, you can drag it from the Applications folder and drop it back onto the Dock if you wish to use it as your primary program launcher. The other method of accessing all programs on a Mac, regardless of the version of OS X or macOS you're using, is to go directly to the Applications folder. Under Windows, programs are generally stored in the Program Files directory in the root of the C: While you can launch applications by looking through the Program Files directory, and then finding and double-clicking the appropriate.

On the Mac, the equivalent location is the Applications folder, also found in the root directory of the Mac's startup drive loosely equivalent to the Windows C: Unlike the Program Files directory, the Applications folder is a simple place from which to access and launch applications.

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  • How to List All Applications on a Mac?
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  • 1. List All Apps Using Finder and TextEdit;

For the most part, applications on the Mac are self-contained packages that appear to the casual user as a single file. Double-clicking the application file launches the program.

Why Would I Want a List of Installed Apps?

This self-contained structure makes it easy to drag a program from the Applications folder to the Dock when you want to have easier access to the application. It also makes it easy to uninstall an application, but that's another chapter. From the Finder's Go menu, select Applications. From here you can scroll through the list of installed applications, launch an application by double-clicking its icon, or drag an application's icon to the Dock for easier future access. A few paragraphs back we mentioned that one of the functions of the Dock is to show which applications are currently running.

If you launch an application that isn't in the Dock, say from the Applications folder or the Recent Items list, the OS will add the application's icon to the Dock. This is only temporary, though, the icon will disappear from the Dock when you quit the application. If you want to keep the application's icon in the Dock, that's easy to do:. The Windows Start menu has an exclusive search capability.

OS X also lets you search for an application by name and then launch the program. The only real difference is where the search function is located. In OS X and macOS, this function is handled by Spotlight , a built-in search system that is accessible from multiple locations.

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  • How to List All Applications on a Mac?
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The easiest way to access Spotlight is to look in the Mac's menu bar -- which is the menu strip that runs along the top of your display. You can identify Spotlight by its small magnifying glass icon, at the far right of the menu bar. Click the magnifying glass icon and the Spotlight search field will display. Enter the full or partial name of the target application. Spotlight will display what it finds as you enter the text.

Spotlight displays the results of a search in a drop-down list, just below the search box.

How to View iPhone Apps on a Mac

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