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The "chkdsk" function checks your selected disk for corruption and then reformats the areas in need of repair. There is only one space between "f: This will initiate the disk checking process. If Command Prompt finds any repairable issues, it will fix them if possible. If Command Prompt asks for permission to continue, press Enter to grant it permission. You may get an error that says, "Cannot open volume for direct access" after hitting Enter.

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This error usually means that your disk either does not need formatting e. In some cases, the "Cannot open volume for direct access" error is a result of your computer's antivirus preventing the formatting process. Try disabling your antivirus program while reformatting your drive to see if it fixes the issue. Remove your SD card. Once the process is complete, you can safely remove your SD card from your computer and place it back in your camera.

Connect your memory card to your Mac. If your Mac does have an SD card slot, it will be on the side of the casing laptop or on the back of the CPU box desktop. It may also be on the side of the keyboard on some desktop units. Some devices require that you enable disk use via USB through its settings before your computer will recognize it.

Open your Mac's Finder. This is the blue face icon in your dock. Click Go. It's in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click Utilities. This will open the Utilities folder, from which you can run the Disk Utility. Double-click Disk Utility. This app resembles a grey hard drive with a stethoscope on top of it. Select your memory card.

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  6. It should be listed under the "External" section in the left-hand pane of the Disk Utility window. If you don't see your memory card listed here, try removing and re-inserting the memory card. Click First Aid. This is the stethoscope icon in the row of options at the top of the Disk Utility window. Click Run. If you see a pop-up window that says "Your disk is about to fail" instead, you won't be able to repair your memory card. Wait for your memory card to be repaired. Once your Mac tells you the process is complete, you may safely remove your memory card and place it back in your camera.

    You may see an error entitled "The underlying task reported failure" here. If so, try restarting your Mac and running the repair again. Begin by inserting your memory card into the computer. Next, locate your memory card and right click on it. When the menu pops up, click the word "format" and select "default. Yes No. Not Helpful 28 Helpful I can't copy any file to my micro SD card nor I can delete any file. When I insert it into my PC, it's not showing write protected but problem remains same and no copy, delete or format is possible.

    What can I do? Many micro SD cards and adapters have a write-lock on the side, be sure this isn't enabled, even though your computer indicates it's not write-protected.

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    Not Helpful 29 Helpful Can you please explain this answer? Many micro SD cards and adapters have a write-lock on the side, be sure this isn't enabled, even though your computer indicates it's not write-protected? Can you please tell me how to disable this write-lock? That may be referring to a little sliding switch that is actually on the SD card itself. Look carefully on the card for it. It slides from a locked to an unlocked position.

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    Not Helpful 6 Helpful My computer is displaying the message, "Check disk is not available" for RAW devices. What should I do now? You will need to format the drive first, with any of the available formats. Formatting will allow your computer to recognize and read the entire drive, then check disk will be able to read it for any errors. However it will also delete all the existing data. Not Helpful 21 Helpful Right click the new device, and press "format. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. My camera is showing a message saying "Card not formatted, format card with this camera," and when I try to format the card with the camera, it says "Busy" and stops.

    What do I do? The SD card is probably too big for the camera, try to use a smaller SD card and see if that fixes the problem.

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    If it doesn't, then your camera might be broken. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. How do I fix an error that says "Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected"? Unanswered Questions.

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    Can I repair my SD card directly from a prompt in Windows? Answer this question Flag as Flag as Will I lose any data in the process of repairing my SD card? How do I find a good data recovery app for a Vodafone? I have a file error saying it has a non valid link - how can I repair or overwrite this? What do you think about Stellar Data Recovery Standard? Do you recommend it? El software es preferido en todo el mundo por los consumidores que perdieron sus datos accidentalmente o tuvieron copias de seguridad fallidas.

    De esta manera el software soporta todos los tipos de archivos conocidos y desconocido.


    Recuperar sus datos perdidos o borrados de discos duros inaccesibles. Recupera datos perdidos de unidades corruptas, formateadas e infectadas por virus. Descargar Stellar Data Recovery Standard 8. Descargar para Windows. Mejores alternativas gratuitas. No thanks Submit review.