Enabling java in firefox mac os x

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Chosen Solution Type about: Type '''about: Once the page is loading, mouse to the address bar and '''Left''' click the icon. Select '''More Information. Flash Player '''Version Question owner In the meantime the problem seems to have solved itself before I managed to follow any of our tips. Glad to help.

Modified December 23, at Long shot You aren't running Firefox in bit mode, by any chance? Open Firefox info panel Cmd-I and deselect "Open in bit mode" tick box. That worked for me! To confirm that you aren't running Firefox in bit mode, control-click right-click the Firefox. In the "Firefox Info" window, make sure the box in front of "Open in bit mode" is not selected.

Does this issue still occur right now? The Java was disabled on Firefox for security reasons a couple of days ago.

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If you are questioning about the Java Deployment Toolkit, please be advised that this plugin has been disabled for security vulnerabilities. Security is a bad answer. Safari allows Java to run if the user allows it. Why can't Firefox do the same?

Where is the "turn Javascript on/off" button in Firefox 52.0.1 (64-bit)

If Firefox has security vulnerabilities that Safari doesn't have, how long will it take to fix them? What's all this about the Java Deployment Toolkit? I'm not a developer, I'm not an administrator, I'm a user, and I want to use Firefox. Silly me. Sorry for the irritation. I'm expletive deleted tired of people telling me what I can and can't do for my own safety.

These are not Firefox security vulnerabilities. They are vulnerabilities with the Java program which is in no way related to Mozilla. The Java Deployment Toolkit will be disabled until Oracle creates an update to repair the security issue s.

Enable or Disable Java in Firefox - Software Applications - Answers

Potentially unsafe versions of the Java plugin are "Click to Play" blocked, meaning that you have to click to activate Java for each site. See the How to allow Java on trusted sites article for more information. To make sure that your Java plugin is working, you can visit the test pages listed in the article, Use the Java plugin to view interactive content on websites. If an "Activate Java" message box appears, click inside the box to activate the Java plugin. When you see the "Activate Java" message box, simply click it to load the Java content normally.

If there is no visible area to activate Java content in the page, click the red plugin icon in the address bar.

Java Application Blocked by Security Settings - Mac OS X

In the message panel that opens, choose "Allow Now" to enable Java content temporarily. The next time you visit the site or any other that uses Java you will see this message again. If you want to always activate Java for a particular site, you can use the "Allow and Remember" option shown above. After activating Java, you may also see a "Security Warning" dialog box, asking you to confirm that you want to run Java. This warning comes from Java itself, not from Firefox. If it's set to "Never Activate", use the drop-down menu and select either "Always Activate" or "Ask to Activate", whichever is available.

I don't know what online Java test you used but, to make sure that your Java plugin is working, you can visit the test pages listed in the article, Use the Java plugin to view interactive content on websites. If "Ask to Activate" is your only option then you will have to click to activate Java for each site for the time being, as explained in the How to allow Java on trusted sites article, even though you have the latest Java 7 U45 installed. See bug if you're interested in the background. Modified October 24, at 6: You didn't understand the question.

You think "Java Applet Plugin" is somewhere in my Plugins list. It isn't.

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That's what I'm saying. It isn't there at all. I can't activate something that isn't there. Please download Java on your computer from here. Again, ComputerWhiz, you didn't read the question. I already downloaded Java from the page you're pointing me to. Here is a Java documentation of your issue.