Visio like software for mac os x

While I love Omnigraffle, it isn't cost effective for most. A cheaper alternative for me was Diagrammix , especially since it allows me to use Omnigraffle stencils to create network diagrams, E-R diagrams, and flowcharts, for example. I personally like MaSSHandra.

1. Lucidchart

The approach of it is a bit different to what MS Visio has as it is a 3D tool and provides other tools like autodiscovery of networks. And it's cross-platform. The Opensource Apache OpenOffice offering includes a visio-like tool which is appropriate for drawing shapes. It supports windows, linux and Mac. You may give it a try: Check out Napkin. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. What's out there that can replace Visio on the Mac? Asinine Monkey Asinine Monkey 2, 17 That was worth it by itself for me.

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My coworkers often comment about how nice the diagrams are. Oct 4 '10 at I have had similar experience with my coworkers. Omnigraffle is what Visio would like to be. OmniGraffle isn't equivalent to Visio. It's a much higher quality software for its UI quality and for the quality of graphics produced.

10 Best Visio Alternatives For Mac

Pages may also be used to make high quality graphics and with much more graphical objects than OmniGraffle. As much as i like OG, it still lacks the ability of fine tuning shapes in a more accessible manner like the fine tuning abilities present in visio and concept draw when it comes to mechanical processing diagrams. It still is a fine replacement for the purpose of drawing UI mockups. However, there are some free alternatives to Visio that allow a certain amount of diagram making for free.

You will find however that there are strict limitations on them such as the number of diagrams, tools and files you can save. The cost of dedicating a team of developers and engineers to creating and maintaining a macOS version of Visio is not considered economically viable by Microsoft. Naturally, Microsoft also wants to keep its business users — which are the majority of Visio users — within the Windows ecosystem. The closest thing available is Google Drawings which is free and allows you to draw very basic diagrams in your browser.

We hope this article has helped you find a replacement for Visio on your Mac but if you have any suggestions, comments or experiences with the software featured here, let us know in the comments below. If you are willing to spend money on professional Visio alternative, and want to work with Visio files in a team, I would advise to look at ConceptDraw PRO. Thanks Frank. This post focused exclusively on paid alternatives as they are the most realistic solutions for professionals. Awesome suggestion…. You may also try Nevron Draw — http: Bob, Thanks for the tip. You simply have to email the VSD file to vsdconverter csodessa.

Wow, thanks a lot for informing about this. The native save format for Visio is VDS. Both Visio and ConceptDraw PRO 10 now save the graphic files in a compressed format that makes files much easier to handle. Thanks Panji. Since we do migrate on Macs in my company which are good news , I must to accept the fact of using a new tool which is not very easy for some people. But looks like there are several good analogues. Thanks a lot to author. Glad it helped! Hope it helps you. Thanks, great info! Which would you recommend if you have your own templates and stencils in Visio?

Patty, Glad it helped you! OmniGraffle Pro now supports importing of Visio templates and stencils. You simply move copy the stencils into your OmniGraffle stencils directory or go to File and then open the stencil and OmniGraffle will prompt you to save it in your stencil folder.

I like using visio to put floor plans together for houses. I have not found a replacement I can put on my make so I have to keep a PC too just for this.

It's an alternative to Visio for Mac

I am not looking for any 3d software for home designs. Is there a close comparable program for MAC.

All of the above are fine for creating floor plans on Mac, especially Omnigraffle unless there is something specific in Visio that you need for floor plans. This article was very well done — informative an well written.

10 Best Visio Alternatives For Mac

I do not know when an update is in order, but bravo! You should add draw. LibreOffice Draw https: I used that on Windows. It did not crash like Visio did every time I used it. Impressively detailed review! Thank you very much!!! You may want to review MyDraw for Mac: They promised this feature and failed to deliver. Now they discontinue the ConceptDraw and have new ConceptDiagram which is the same yet new features, but again they failed with the import of Visio stencils.

The stencils are imported but are horrible looking…. Yes we noticed that the support for Visio importing and exporting is still very poor in the new version of ConceptDraw Diagram. Let us know if you ever hear back from ConceptDraw support. Here is the response from support: I feel they have the best user interface but I personally relied heavily on Visio stencils from different vendors and I need to be able to import them in order to do my job and it may not be the case for most of you. We are totally and completely on your side.

At the moment your case has been escalated to our developers and Quality team. They are going to work this through for you fixing errors that arose in our software. Of course, as with every software, there are errors, even Microsoft is experiencing difficulties with its latest version of Windows 10, and we, unfortunately, are no exception.

But we are working hard on this. Like any self-respecting company, we diligently work on our issues, and we try to improve the performance and quality of our software every day. In conclusion, we once again bring our apologies for the inconvenience. We will return to you with the solved case and help you with importing of your files without loss of quality.

Heralded as the most powerful software of its nature, perhaps even superior to the infamous Visio, Omnigraffle is the pinnacle of diagramming and the like. Then why does it fall at number 5 in our list? Moving past the pricing, you do get what you pay for. From wireframes to UML diagrams to floor plans pretty much anything you can imagine, can be created using Omnigraffle. The software has the best shape recognition of any lot, and since it has apps for both iOS and OS X purchased separately , you can even use the new Apple Pencil to work as freely as you like.

If you do have need to for the most powerful bad boy on the block, and can spend the buck for it, look no further than Omnigraffle. Oh, and you can even try it for 14 days on a Mac if that fancies you. Omnigraffle OS X 6. ConceptDraw Pro Coming in at number 6 in our list is ConceptDraw Pro, another very powerful diagramming tool for both Windows and OS X that can give a fair amount of competition to both Visio and Omnigraffle, albeit falling short on some accounts.

What sets ConceptDraw apart from the crowd is its focus on making presentations out of your diagrams and flow charts etc, allowing for one-click conversion of a graphing diagram into a presentation. The program also features tight integration with Visio, and not only does it support Visio file formats but can also integrate with an existing Visio library for seamless operation Windows only.

Check them all out at the source link below. Pencil Pencil is a freeware that will be a pleasure to use.

Need Visio for Mac?

Beyond that, Pencil is a great wire framing tool that can do graphing and diagramming really well for you. You get a ton of formatting options and can pretty much customise every aspect of your wireframe, flow chart or diagram to your liking. Open Source Availability: Gliffy is yet another online diagramming tool not unlike Lucidchart, but has considerably fewer options than our top pick.

Visio for Mac

The biggest plus for this tool is that it relies on HTML 5 rather than Flash, making it suitable for any browser.