How to watch a movie on mac from iphone

Can download Netflix on to phone but can't seem to do it on Mac?

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Nimesh Neema Stream from your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch to your Mac The Netflix app for iOS supports AirPlay, a proprietary protocol stack developed by Apple, which allows wireless streaming between devices of multimedia content. IIRC, Netflix app have restriction like non-ability to take snaps and mirror movie playback. Are they no longer applicable?

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Netflix does support using AirPlay as streaming output from iPhone. It works fine with Apple TV. However to receive on Mac one needs to enable the Mac to receive with device like AirServer. Your answer is better, and that is what I use, just log in Netflix on Chrome browser, then I use chromecast to cast to my TV. I was under the assumption all forms of mirroring and streaming are disabled. Please edit my answer to sort out any inaccuracies and add relevant information.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac (and Mac to iPhone!)

NimeshNeema - Connecting a Mac using Safari to a projector or other display device restricts Netflix and other streaming services from broadcasting. Other browsers work just fine. This answer is probably what you were thinking of. Thanks all, seems like I need AirServer. It is only relevant for when I'm working away. It is not be possible to stream a movie downloaded in Netflix iOS app onto Mac. Nimesh Neema Nimesh Neema Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Download Kanopy here.

How to Put Movies Onto an iPhone From a Mac

A newer version of Moviebox, Playbox is another movie streaming service for HD movie viewing on your mobile device. Unique to Playbox are a subtitles option and a child-limited mode for safe, appropriate viewing. Download and use at your own risk. Download Playbox here. The app uses both direct links and torrents in order to find HD movies.

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You can even download select movies for offline viewing, too. Download The Movie DB here. Similar to other applications on this list, Big Star Movies gives you access to award winning movies as well as TV shows, with the option to filter programming by genre. Download Big Star Movies here. This app is more of a discovery app than a movie or TV streaming service, as it points you to where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows — you can even explore local cinemas playing the most current movies, too!

For quick browsing, JustWatch also keeps updated lists of the top 5 movies, TV shows, and streaming providers. Download JustWatch here. Looking to get some quick bites of news? Then Newsy is a great option. The company seeks to deliver unbiased stories that tackle the most important question behind every news story: Download Newsy here.

How to Stream Video and Audio from iPad (Pro 2) and iPhone to Mac?

Plus, you can plan your viewing ahead of time with a 2-month schedule! Download TCM here. Missing out on your favorite Asian TV dramas? Fear not, Viki has you covered.

How to Transfer Movies/Videos to iPad from PC or Mac Easily

Their collection includes Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas for viewing at home or on the go. Download Viki here. The app is not available through the App Store, and requires some technical knowledge to install. Many users also suggest downloading vShare a third-party app store for the installation process. Download MegaBox HD. The app also offers full subtitles in over languages, too! Unfortunately, this app is not available through the App Store. Download Bobby Movie here. Similarly to JustWatch, Hubi is a movie and TV discovery app that crawls the internet and popular streaming providers to find movies and TV shows that you want to watch.

Download Hubi here. This app is not available through the App Store, and is only available by downloading it to your Mac and then uploading to your device. Download Newest Movies HD here. Yahoo may have fallen by the wayside as a mail and news platform, but did you know that they also offer a movie and TV service, too? Yahoo teamed up in a partnership with Hulu to offer on-demand services via Yahoo View, which includes TV episodes from popular channels and select archived movies.

Plus, if you are signed into your Yahoo account, Yahoo View will offer you top recommendations and picks based on what you watch! It was formerly available in the App Store, but can now only be used via your browser. Like a digital version of your local library, Internet Archive was founded in to provide free access to TV and videos in addition to other media like music, software, and websites. The Internet Archive also has a plethora of books, with the goal of providing easy access to digital books for anyone, anywhere.

In videos, you can filter their collection by type, year, subject, and more. And by signing up for a free account, you can easily favorite select titles to access later. Internet Archive does not have a branded app; instead, you will have to use a third-party app to access these free movies on your mobile device or tablet.

You can also use their website in their browser. For access to news broadcasts anytime, SkyNews is a great option. They cover news from the UK and around the world, including topics like business, politics, U. If you are the proud owner of a Roku device a digital media player , then you know you have access to so much media. If you are unfamiliar with Roku, it is a device that uses your high-speed internet connection to deliver and stream content from both free and paid channels.

The Roku Channel was created to give Roku users access to free movies and TV, which includes Roku-licensed content as well as content from other publishers. All of this content is free because it is ad-supported. Purchase a Roku device here. This service has a wide variety of cartoons, from current cartoon series to discontinued selections to hard-to-find anime. Their selection is organized alphabetically; and while buffering is normally hit-or-miss, their wide array of cartoons makes up for the buffering and quality.

Download Hotstar here. Previously known as iMediaShare, Flipps TV is a movie and TV streaming service that uses the cloud to deliver content to your smartphone or smart device. Flipps TV specializes in B-movies, sports, music videos, educational programming, and more.