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That determines what type of builds auto-update looks for. If you installed a beta that would set it to "beta". If you want to stop getting beta and release candidate updates change it to "release". The application.

It's mainly used to control whether the migration assistant , crash reporter and extension manager are enabled. The mailviews. Views are selected using the View list box in the toolbar. You can add it to the toolbar by right clicking on the toolbar, selecting customize, dragging and dropping the View control to the toolbar and pressing the Done button. If you don't like the icon in the current version you could copy that file from an older version and modify the shortcut to point to it. Retrieved from " http: This page was last modified This page has been accessed 2,, times.

All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. Search Old Search. Contents 1 Finding your profile 1. Used when attachments aren't stored in the folder or the desktop.

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It may not exist as the settings for where attachments should be stored are frequently ignored. Used by the Lightning extension. Mainly used for the optional userChrome. Contains subfolders with: They're normally named after the mail server so if you had a Gmail POP account it would use a pop.

It's typically called "smart mailboxes -1".

Stores light weight themes personas. Used by the Personas Plus add-on. It requires Thunderbird 3. Precompiled startup cache stored in a startupCache. Not clear what it caches other than system font data but some Firefox add-on developers delete the equivalent file in a Firefox profile while developing add-ons. Used by the optional TestPilot add-on. It runs user studies on how Thunderbird is used, and is used to submit answers to surveys. It requires Thunderbird 8.

Back up or Move Your Contacts or Address Book Data

Used by the Webmail extension. I've had problems with iCloud syncing my contacts since iCloud existed. I've been archive my database weekly and have not seen it happen in the last two releases, so hope hope it's fixed. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Save disk space by deleting Address Book images Jul 18, '12 On an SSD, a half a gigabyte is a big hit for something that just records contact information.

So I looked in that folder, and found some interesting sub-folders. First, at the top level, there was a 69 MB "Images" folder, which contains 2, items. Second, there was a "Sources" folder, which contained a sub-folder with one of those long names with numbers and letters; presumably my Mac's UUID. In that folder was another Images folder, this one at MB, containing 13, items! So I figured I could try and delete these folders and see what happened.

When I re-opened Address Book, the application automatically re-loaded images for many of my contacts. These are contacts for whom I have iChat accounts or Twitter accounts. The new folder is 4 MB, and contains items. I don't know why the other folders contain so many items, but if your Address Book folder takes up a lot of space, try removing these folders don't delete them right away, just in case and see if this slims them down a bit, as it did for me.

Is This will then open the profile folder for Thunderbird in your operating systems file management viewer. I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look into a different solution for you. Thanks Seburo! I was trying to find it in the library folder but since OS Support Forum.