Failed to initialize renderer skyrim mac

I agree, gold is too much. The thing is though, the only BIG problem i've experienced is poor performance, no purple landscapes, flying tree, odd crashes etc. However the performance is REALLY bad, i would say between bronze and silver, from the medal descriptions here it's probably silver, although thats slightly high as well. Similar experiences here. I managed to install the game using Crossover and Steam easily enough, but the game usually launches to a black screen just after the Bethesda logo. After a number of tries I managed to get into the game, but the sound wouldn't work. I compiled Wine 1.

Performance on "High" settings was just barely usable and it occasionally crashed with a seg fault. Slackware Neil, about the black screen after logo. Installed using Steam Steam was installed with CrossOver Each time you try to launch using Steam the same thing happens, this also happens if you try the launcher directly These issues are: Altering window resolution or switching to full screen in the INI file just results in a black screen every time.

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This is also annoying in game as writing and game bars run off of the side and bottom of the screen. Any advice on working around this would be very welcome - but please be aware that i am a complete amateur with Linux, and would need a step by step guide, just telling me to reinstall net framework 3 without saying where in a directory to put it, etc, etc would not work.

Observations on the game - when I started the mouse was very unresponsive - until I realised that the default setting was top have controllers enabled - once disabled the mouse worked fine. The game looks, and sounds gorgeous and plays really well.

Error: Failed to Initialize Renderer

If there is a solution to the "window" problem then I would say that the game was well worth a silver Medal. Mikkel P Posted: Nell, about the black screen after logo. Thank you, that fixed the launching problems. I still have no sound in crossover games, but sound works fine in Wine 1.

However, the performance in both, even on low settings is pretty abysmal. If your bottle is set to Windows 7 you won't get any sound, if thats the case set it to Windows XP.

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Otherwise i don't know. Does anyone know how well it will perform on my laptop? Im have version However others seem to have pretty good performance, there's no sure way of telling, don't set your hopes too high though. About the sound issue, while i don't get sound in Windows 7 bottle, but get it in Windows XP bottle, over at wine others need it reversed, if anyone is missing sound, try switching the bottle modes. Dual Core 2.

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Version 9. So i got it to work and load up. The game runs well, but the mouse for some reason defaults to going down. All the time. I can move it up, but it is always going down.


I downloaded Morrowind, and this exact same thing happened. Maybe it is the mouse I'm using? I'll try a different mouse and edit it if that worked EDIT: No, I tried my default mac mouse and that still didn't work. Does anyone have any tips at all? Its really frustrating being able to run the game fine but not actually play it lol EDIT 2: I got it fixed. It says, Failed to initialize renderer: Unknown error creating the renderer. I'm running a 13 inch macbook pro intel MB, 8 gigs of ram. Wait so how do I install it without getting the.

I got CrossOver to play this game so I'm pretty pissed off now. Let me preface with me being a complete complete nub. I have 12 gb of ram, 8 cores, processor name is quad core intel Xeon Having said all that, this thing is running like dog shit. I am sure it is primarily on me.

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I am running it through steam. I have followed all of the steps I read in this thread. I am just completely lost. In game, with settings turned down so low I feel like I am on an atari, it is still choppy choppy choppy. If you have any advice, please give a very detailed instruction on how to execute it. In my opinion this is expected. Wine can't really hope at least for now to run multithreaded Windows apps the way Windows does. You can test this with winrar easily.

While your system, hardware-wise exceeds what Bethesda listed under the recommended settings, wine can't really present that HW to Skyrim. There are other games and apps that suffer from the lack of multithreading in Wine that come to my mind. World of Warcraft and Guild Wars come to mind. FPS will drop to 30 or 20 while in instances as spells and stuff start to fly all over the place.

With Guild Wars, the problem is almost ridiculous if you want to play immediately after installing. While data is being downloaded, the game will slow to a crawl, and you will lag horribly. All of this because game stuff and downloading data happens on only one core. This means at some point the CPU will process game data rendering scenes, other chars etc. The way to avoid this is to first make sure the game is fully updated and this is covered in the tips section the play it. People that are more knowledgeable than me, please feel free to chirp in if you feel that anything I said is not entirely accurate.

Silviu Cojocaru Posted: In linux, however, you can actually bind a process to a single or pair of CPU cores, thus negating the kernel thread scheduling routine There are others OSX is seemingly particularly bad at marshaling networking operations in concert with app operations in wine ; I have no idea of the cause, only that it is so. Am I better off just installing windows and running bootcamp on my computer or will that leave me with the exact same problems?

Thank you guys for the help btw. Anybody got this working on OSX Lion.

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