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This could also be caused by a corrupt session. Things to do to debug that is Trash preferences follow instructions under the "Help us help you" link up top of this page. Does it happen for any other sessions? If that test works OK try doing a "Save In" from the current session to a new one and open that new session?

Any better? Temporarily move all the.

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Pro Tools will automagically put back its standard plugins. Try opening the session and see if it is now stable. Put back the third party plugins in batches or one at a time if needed until you find what one is causing problems. The order of which things you try are up to you, but I would first get at least the session files and any streaming plugin samples off the kniwn toxic Cavuar Green HDD just so you are close to something expected to work reliably.

And thise green drives are so bad I would not waste time trying to cheat with disk cache on them.

Last edited by Darryl Ramm; at Originally Posted by Southsidemusic. Thanks for the info and clarification Darryl. Thanks so much for your help. I've tried everything you've suggested, but I'm still having trouble with crashes.

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It seems to crash when interacting with virtual instruments. This is what I've tried since my first post: Does it have anything to do with the order things were installed? I had Logic Pro X installed for a few years as well as all my virtual instruments. All times are GMT The time now is Powered by: Forum Hosted By: User Name.

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Darryl Ramm Member. Nov Location: Now, look for the external disk in this window. In this window, you can find your drive even if it is not recognized because of no partition. If you cannot find the drive in the Disk Management window then you can go for step four. Step 3 If it is not recognized by plugging in some other port or it is not visible in the Disk Management Window, then there might be some issue with the external drive.

Check it in some other computer. Now, follow step 1 to step 3 in that computer in case the external drive is not recognized. If the problem exists with other computer also then something is wrong with the drive, otherwise follow step Step 4 If it is working in some other system but not in yours, Windows is having some problem with the drivers. Now press enter. Expand Disk Drives and look for a device having yellow exclamation mark.

This yellow exclamation mark indicates a problematic driver.

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Now, right click on that device and read the error message after selecting properties. This issue can resolve in following two ways:. Now, plug in the external drive again or follow the step 6 if the drive is still not recognized. Step 5 Problem in partitioning and formatting can also be a cause of this issue.

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Partitioning and file system issues can be fixed by using Windows Disk Management tools. To create a new partition, right click inside the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume. You can create a new partition by following onscreen instructions. Reformatting of the drive can resolve this issue. For this, right click on the partition, select format and then select the file system.

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Here, it is important to know that all files in drive will be deleted. Therefore, copy your files in some other system before proceeding. Like Windows, Mac also detects an external drive automatically. If it doesn't, follow these steps:. Step 1 First of all, look for the external hard drive in the finder window. For this, click on file and then click New Finder Window. Now, look for the drive below remote disk.

Step 2 If the external drive is not there, make sure that USB cable is properly plugged in the external hard drive and the port.

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Step 3 Sometimes, the drive is connected but not mounted. To mount a drive, open Disk Utility and look for the drive in the list. If it is there, check below it. Now click on mounting button to mount it. Open a finder window to see if the drive is mounted or not. Step 4 If you still cannot find it in the finder, it might not be getting enough power. Single USB ports can provide only 5 V.

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This will supply the power required by the external hard drive. These steps for fixing an external hard drive not recognized on windows and Mac are suitable for external hard drives of all capacities and manufacturers. However, if still the issue is not resolved, you can avail professional help. While the external hard drive got damaged and did not detected on computer, after you fixing the problem, you should your data back.

We will introduce the best external hard drive data recovery help you retrieve data back. Recoverit Data Recovery Software is the powerful data recovery program, it can help you recover data from external hard drive in easily and effectively.

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Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery on your computer. Launch Recoverit Data Recovery and follow the next steps to perform external hard drive data recovery on Windows computer, if you are a Mac user, you can download Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac to go on. Step 1.

Western Digital My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 (4TB)

Select a data recovery mode. To recover data from external hard drive, you need select " External Devices Recovery " mode to get started. Step 2.